S.C. Agricultural Worker Health Program Eligibility
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Individuals are eligible to receive services if they:

  • Have established temporary residence for the purpose of working in agricultural farmwork (migrant farmworker)
  • Have found permanent residence and whose primary employment is in agricultural farmwork on a seasonal basis (seasonal farmworker)
  • Are working as an agricultural farmworker in preparation and production, planting, tilling, or harvesting crops grown on the land such as fruits, vegetables, and vegetation grown from the seed*
  • Have worked primarily as a farmworker at some point during the past 24 months
  • Have worked primarily as a farmworker in the past, but who no longer work in agriculture due to age or disability
  • Are family members (dependents) of someone who is primarily employed as an agricultural farmworker

Individuals are ineligible to receive services if they:

  • Are not primarily employed as an agricultural farmworker
  • Have health insurance coverage

Eligibility Determination Process:

  • You can download and print a PDF copy of the Eligibility Form. Complete and mail it along with a recent check stub to 3 Technology Circle, Columbia, SC 29203, Attention: SC Migrant Health Program. Please mark your mailing envelope as confidential in order to protect your information.
  • You can also call the toll free bilingual line at 1-800-768-3627 for assistance.

*Additional North American Industry Classification System Codes and Sub-codes Accepted by HRSA to Determine Eligibility for Services:

In 2012, HRSA expanded its definition of agricultural workers eligible for migrant health services. Farmworkers and their dependents working in 1) animal production and aquaculture and 2) support activities for animal production are now eligible for migrant health benefits. For additional details regarding this development please click on the following link.

National Center for Farmworker Health

3 Technology Circle
Columbia SC 29203

P: 803. 788. 2778
F: 803. 778. 8233
E: information@scphca.org