Mental Health First Aid in SC


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The SCPHCA is proud to announce that we have 30 new Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Instructors in the state of South Carolina, three being Spanish speaking. The goal of the PCA is to increase MHFA trainees in Community Health Centers across the state. COVID-19 has shown the importance in being trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health crises. Being MHFA trained is similar to being CPR trained. The training helps grow the knowledge of signs, symptoms and risk factors of mental illnesses and addictions, identify multiple types of professional and self-help resources for individuals with a mental illness or addiction, increases peoples confidence in and likelihood to help an individual in distress, and improves mental wellness in those who are MHFA trained. If you would like to book a training for your health center or community please contact Jerome Corley at or Katherine Plunkett at

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