Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee
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Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee
We were honored to have Dr. Barbara Ross Lee the first African American woman to be appointed dean of a United States Medical Board, as our closing speaker during the SCPHCA’s 36th Annual Conference.  Her words of strength, perseverance, and triumph was received humbly across a multitude of generations in attendance. Her knowledge and wisdom in the health care arena captivated the audience as she shared with them the “20 Lessons Learned” that she has acquired through her heroic career in Health Care. 

20 Lessons Learned

1. New Strategies are required to solve old problems.

2. Being qualified is a measure of opportunity, not worth.

3. Making a difference is not what’s in it for you, what’s in it for others,

4. Each of us has a perspective which can add value to healthcare.

5. There is nothing more important to every living person than to be valued for who they are –
and what they do.

6. In this country it is against the law to discriminate against people based on race, religion,sex, gender, national origin, sexual orientation – it is not against the law to discriminate based on economic status.

7. Know the difference between needs and wants.

8. Majorities are judged on their perceived strengths, while minorities are judged based on
the perceived weaknesses.

9. Know the rules.

10. Keep your eyes on the prize – stay focused.

11. Aspirations for success are necessary to create a path.

12. Collaboration requires participant credibility and shared interests/goals.

13. Low expectations are based on biased assumptions.

14. Innovations requires a commitment to always get better and do better.

15. Leadership requires a direction and skills to inspire, motivate, and incentivize those that are led.

16. Words are important.

17. Establish higher personal performance expectations than those established by other for you.

18. Excellence is facilitated through the inclusion of many different and diverse perspectives.

19. We learn best by example and direct experience.

20. Entitlement is a myth.

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