2016 Front Office Staff/Revenue Cycle/Outreach and Advocacy Network Retreat

  • Zero Visibility: How Individual and Organizational Blindspots Impact Success - Betty Parker
  • Improving the Patient Experience in the Primary Care Setting - Betty Parker
  • An Innovative Model and Approaches for Engaging Medicaid Expansion Advocacy Efforts - Whitney Griggs
  • Revenue Cycle 360 - Jayson Meyer
  • Team Success: Building the Ties That Bind - Sherri Callahan
  • Moving Beyond Communications Roadblocks at Work - Sherri Callahan
  • Four! Are You Ready? (Part I & II) - Heather Bates
  • FQHC PPS Billing Medicare - Jayson Meyer
  • Improving the Employee Experience in the Primary Health Care Setting - Betty Parker
  • Creating a Strategic PR/Advocacy Plan - Jennifer Buschick
  • DentaQuest Medicaid Billing - Tycie Sellers
  • The Power of Worth - Crystal Evans

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