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Emerging Technologies


PSPNPSPN is a high-speed data network created exclusively by and for South Carolina's healthcare industry. PSPN is one of the largest and most advanced healthcare networks in the United States and was created to provide medically underserved South Carolina communities access to state-of-the-art Health IT solutions, diagnostic tools and training. The use of health-related applications over broadband can save lives, improve care and lower costs.
Palmetto State Providers Network (PSPN) allows healthcare providers throughout the state to connect to the PSPN backbone network and exchange vital information over a dedicated Healthcare IT network. Through the use of a single PSPN network connection participants can securely exchange data with other PSPN Participants, access the Internet and a host of valuable services resulting in improved performance and, in many cases, at greatly reduced costs. Medical information can be exchanged in real-time for review by specialists in remote locations. Members are able to improve healthcare for the communities they serve even though patients may not have access to area specialists. Healthcare patient information, imaging and confidential video transactions can be exchanged in many cases without using the Internet and other less secure networks.

Want to learn more? Visit www.pspnsc.org



SCHIEXSCHIEx (pronounced SKY-eks), the South Carolina Health Information Exchange, is  South Carolina's existing statewide HIE. It provides an innovative  state-level information highway that enables participating health care  providers to view a patient's integrated medical history, including  medications, diagnoses, and procedures involving other participating  providers. SCHIEx is not a statewide clinical data warehouse. Instead, it  is a secure network that participating providers with certified EHR  technology can use to locate and share needed patient information with each  other.

SCHIEx helps providers make more informed clinical decisions at the  point of care, and reduce duplication and potential errors by providing  them with information on services previously rendered. SCHIEx helps  consumers receive more coordinated health care, saving time and expenses  associated with duplicate or unnecessary tests and medical visits,  paperwork or treatment delays. Although SCHIEx can be an important tool in  improving the quality of health care, a consumer can choose to "opt out" of  having his or her health information exchanged through SCHIEx. Health care  providers are required to notify patients that they participate in SCHIEx and   provide them with  information about opting out.

SCHIEx demonstrates compliance with national interoperability standards  and will ultimately facilitate connecting to the Nationwide Health  Information Network (NHIN) as well as other states. SCHIEx is a public  technology utility supported by the South Carolina Budget and Control  Board's Office of Research and Statistics (ORS) and is governed by the  Interim Governance Committee (IGC) that was established in 2009 by  executive order. The IGC is a joint public and private entity comprised of  representatives from health care provider organizations, non-profit  research institutions, state agencies as well as a consumer representative.

Want to learn more? Visit www.schiex.org.

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