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Health Center Controlled Network



The South Carolina Health Center Controlled Network was formed in 2016 under the South Carolina Primary Health Carolina Association.  SCHCCN is a program open to Federally Qualified Health Centers in South Carolina.  It is funded through a grant awarded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).  SCHCCN's purpose is to provide assessment, technical assistance, training, and optimization services for Health Information Technology (HIT) related priorities of its member organizations.  The SCHCCN supports current initiatives such as Interoperability, Patient Engagement, Provider Burden, Health Information Exchange, Data Governance and Stewardship, and Data Collection and Analytics.



Chandra Beasley, SCHCCN Program Director

[email protected]

Benefits of Participation

Members of SCHCCN receive access to technical assistance and training on many of the leading HIT issues of today.  Subject Matter Experts provide face-to-face and video conferencing to unravel the complicated HIT requirements facing health center staff at all levels.  On-site targeted assistance also provided for members based on their individual needs.


SCHCCN 2018 Accomplishments

  • Completed onsite meetings to formally assess each participating health center's priorities, successes, and challenges regarding health information technology
  • Developed individualized work plans for each participating health center based on an assessment analysis
  • Continued Meaningful Use Incentive Program support by facilitating monthly calls with SCDHHS; conducting two workshops; and providing individual technical assistance
  • Completed a workshop and webinar series on data integrity for good decision making and developing best practice policies
  • Began three statewide electronic health record user groups (eClinicalWorks, Athena, and SuccessEHS) to create opportunities for knowledge sharing and networking among SC Health Centers
  • Vendor selection and implementation of Azara Healthcare population health tool for the South Carolina Data Analysis Center (SCDAC).

Please contact Chandra Beasley at [email protected] or 803-788-2778 for more information. questions.



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