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Economic Impact of South Carolina Community Health Centers

In addition to providing quality, affordable, comprehensive primary and preventive health care to South Carolina's most vulnerable populations, South Carolina Community Health Centers (CHCs) are powerful "economic engines" whose business operations significantly impact their communities' economy. Many times, their prescence positively affects some of most economically challenged areas in South Carolina.

In 2015, 21 South Carolina health centers provided care to many of the most underserved members of their communities through 165 sites. South Carolina health centers generated positive economic impacts, including jobs, tax revenues and savings to the health care system.

South Carolina CHCs:

  • Are often among the largest employers in their community
  • Provide direct employment for people in the community, including critical entry-level jobs, training, and career building
  • Purchase goods and services directly from local businesses, thereby supporting additional jobs in other sectors and stimulating the local economy through an infusion of spending
  • Further stimulate the local economy through the indirect expenditures of related sectors and the induced expenditures of new household income
  • Engage in capital development projects, often acting as catalyst for significant economic revitalization and boosting tax revenue within their local communities by attracting investment and other businesses

Download the South Carolina 2016 Impact Study here.  


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